/ Kodaikanal: Beyond the Mist and Meadows

Kodaikanal: Beyond the Mist and Meadows

By Alan J Bright
April 29, 2023
Best Places to Visit in Kodaikanal


Welcome to the enchanting world of Kodaikanal! Nestled in the heart of Tamil Nadu, this mesmerising hill station is a haven for travellers seeking a respite from the hustle and bustle of city life. With its misty mountains, serene lakes, and lush greenery, Kodaikanal has rightfully earned its place on the tourism map of India. Let's embark on a journey to explore the many wonders of this magical destination.

Getting to Kodaikanal: The Journey

Reaching Kodaikanal is an experience in itself. The winding roads, the changing landscapes, and the anticipation of what lies ahead make the journey as memorable as the destination. Here's a glimpse of what you can expect when travelling from major cities:

From Major Cities

  • Bangalore to Kodaikanal: Set out on a scenic route that takes you through lush forests and picturesque landscapes. The road distance is about 465 kms. Whether you choose to drive or take a bus, the journey from Bangalore offers a perfect blend of adventure and relaxation.
  • Madurai to Kodaikanal: Just a short drive of approximately 115 kms away, Madurai to Kodaikanal is a trip that promises breathtaking views and a refreshing change of pace. As you ascend the hills, feel the temperature drop and the excitement rise.
  • Ooty to Kodaikanal: Imagine travelling from one beautiful hill station to another, covering a distance of approximately 255 kms. The route from Ooty to Kodaikanal is dotted with tea gardens, waterfalls, and panoramic views that will leave you spellbound.
  • Madras (Chennai) to Kodaikanal: If you're starting your journey from Chennai, covering a distance of approximately 420 kms, consider taking a train to get a unique perspective of Tamil Nadu's diverse landscapes. Alternatively, a road trip offers the freedom to explore hidden gems along the way.
  • Coimbatore to Kodaikanal: Known as the western gateway to Kodaikanal, the route from Coimbatore, covering a distance of approximately 168.9 kms, is a visual treat. With every turn, witness the beauty of the Western Ghats unfold before your eyes.
  • Mysore to Kodaikanal: Traverse through the heart of South India as you journey from the royal city of Mysore to the tranquil hills of Kodaikanal, covering a distance of approximately 331.6 kms. It's a trip that showcases the rich cultural and natural heritage of the region.

So, whether you're travelling solo, with family, or with friends, Kodaikanal welcomes you with open arms. Pack your bags, set your playlist, and get ready for an unforgettable journey to one of India's most cherished hill stations.

Must-Visit Tourist Spots

Every corner of Kodaikanal is a testament to nature's splendour. From serene lakes to whispering pine forests, this hill station is brimming with spots that will steal your heart. Let's dive into some of the must-visit places that encapsulate the essence of Kodaikanal.

Bryant Park

Imagine a place where flowers bloom in every hue imaginable. Bryant Park is a botanical wonder, offering a colourful array of flora that will leave nature lovers in awe. Whether you're a botany enthusiast or just someone looking for a peaceful stroll, this park is a treat for the senses.

Coaker's Walk

For those who dream of walking amidst the clouds, Coaker's Walk is your stairway to heaven. This paved pedestrian path offers panoramic views of the valleys below. Feel the cool breeze, watch the mist roll in, and lose yourself in the mesmerising beauty of Kodaikanal.

Kodai Lake

The heart and soul of Kodaikanal, Kodai Lake is where memories are made. Whether you fancy a boat ride or a leisurely cycle around the lake, the serene waters and picturesque surroundings make for a perfect day out.

Pine Forest

Step into a world where the ground is carpeted with pine needles and the air is filled with the sweet scent of pine. The Pine Forest in Kodaikanal is a haven for those seeking tranquillity. Listen to the whispering pines and let nature embrace you.

Guna Caves (Devil's Kitchen)

Shrouded in mystery and legends, the Guna Caves, also known as Devil's Kitchen, are a must-visit. Navigate through the narrow passages and let your imagination run wild with tales of hidden treasures and ancient secrets.

Pillar Rocks

Standing tall and majestic, the Pillar Rocks are a sight to behold. These boulders touch the sky and offer a vantage point that showcases the grandeur of Kodaikanal in all its glory.

Berijam Lake

Far from the madding crowd lies Berijam Lake, a slice of untouched beauty. The calm waters, the chirping of birds, and the gentle rustling of leaves create a symphony that soothes the soul.

Dolphin's Nose

For a viewpoint like no other, head to Dolphin's Nose. As the name suggests, this spot is shaped like a dolphin's snout and offers breathtaking views of the valleys and hills below.

Mannavanur Lake

Discover serenity at its best at Mannavanur Lake. Surrounded by lush green meadows and gentle hills, this lake is a picture-perfect spot for picnics and relaxation.

Resorts and Stays: Where to Relax

After a day of exploring, there's nothing like retreating to a cosy resort that feels like a home away from home. Kodaikanal boasts a range of stays, from luxurious resorts to quaint cottages, ensuring every traveller finds their perfect nest.

  • Best Resorts in Kodaikanal: Immerse yourself in luxury amidst nature. Dvara Luxury Resort Kodaikanal, Sterling Kodai Lake Resorts, The Tamara Kodai. These resorts offer top-notch amenities, ensuring your stay is as comfortable as it is memorable.
  • Good Resorts in Kodaikanal: The Meadows, FabHotel Tranquil Heights Kodaikanal, Great Trails Kodaikanal By GRT Hotels. Where comfort meets affordability. Enjoy the best of both worlds without burning a hole in your pocket.
  • Resorts in Kodaikanal for Family: The Carlton, Holiday Home Resort, Lilly's Valley Resort, The Fern Creek. Bond over bonfires, explore nature trails, and make memories that last a lifetime. These resorts cater to every member of the family, ensuring a fun-filled holiday.
  • Club Mahindra Kodaikanal: A perfect blend of luxury and nature, Club Mahindra offers an experience that is truly unique. With activities for kids and adults alike, it's a resort that promises something for everyone.
  • Hill Country Kodaikanal: Elevate your holiday experience at Hill Country. With panoramic views and world-class amenities, it's a stay you'll cherish.
  • Hotel Hill Country Kodaikanal: Wake up to the sight of mist-covered mountains and the sound of chirping birds. This hotel offers comfort with a view that's hard to beat.
  • Country Club Kodaikanal: Dive into tradition while enjoying modern comforts. The Country Club is where luxury meets culture.
  • Kodaikanal Resort with Pool: After a day of sightseeing, dive into relaxation. These resorts offer pools that are perfect for a refreshing dip amidst nature.

So, whether you're a solo traveller, a couple on a romantic getaway, or a family on vacation, Kodaikanal has something for everyone. Pack your bags and set out on an adventure that promises memories for a lifetime.

Planning Your Trip: Duration and Best Time

So, you've decided to explore the enchanting Kodaikanal, but how long should you stay? And when is the best time to visit? Let's break it down to ensure you make the most of your trip to this gem of a hill station.

Places to Visit in Kodaikanal in 1 Day

If you're on a tight schedule, fret not! Even a day in Kodaikanal can be magical. Here's a quick getaway plan:

  • Start with a refreshing walk at Coaker's Walk.
  • Visit the serene Kodai Lake and maybe indulge in some boating.
  • Take in the panoramic views from Dolphin's Nose.
  • End your day shopping for handmade chocolates and crafts in the local market.

Tourist Places in Kodaikanal for 2 Days

A weekend in paradise sounds perfect, doesn't it? Here's how you can spend two blissful days:

  • Day 1: Explore the Pine Forest, visit the mysterious Guna Cave, and relax by the Berijam Lake.
  • Day 2: Visit the majestic Pillar Rocks, take a stroll in Bryant Park, and indulge in some local delicacies.

Places to Visit in Kodaikanal in 3 Days

Three days in Kodaikanal means more time to soak in its beauty. Here's a relaxed itinerary:

  • Day 1: Explore the town, visit Coaker's Walk, and shop in the local markets.
  • Day 2: Dive deep into nature with visits to Mannavanur Lake, Pine Forest, and Guna Caves.
  • Day 3: Visit Bryant Park, take a boat ride in Kodai Lake, and end your trip with a visit to Dolphin's Nose.

Best Time to Visit Kodaikanal

Kodaikanal is beautiful all year round, but each season has its own charm:

  • Summer (March to June): Perfect for sightseeing with pleasant temperatures.
  • Monsoon (July to September): The landscape turns lush green, but be prepared for occasional showers.
  • Winter (October to February): Cool and misty, it's a romantic's dream come true.

Unique Experiences and Things to Do

While the scenic beauty of Kodaikanal is enough to captivate any traveller, there are some unique experiences that you shouldn't miss.

Kodaikanal Sightseeing

From cascading waterfalls to historic churches, Kodaikanal has a plethora of sights waiting to be explored. Don't forget to bring your camera!

Kodaikanal Tourism Best Time to Visit

While every season offers something unique, the months between October and March are considered the best time to visit Kodai. The weather is pleasant, making it perfect for outdoor activities.

Things to Do in Kodaikanal

Beyond the usual tourist spots, there's so much more to do:

  • Trekking through the dense forests.
  • Shopping for homemade chocolates and crafts.
  • Trying out local delicacies.
  • Boating in the serene lakes.

Magic Mushshrooms in Kodaikanal

A word of caution: While magic mushrooms are often associated with Kodaikanal, they are illegal and can be harmful. It's always best to stay safe and enjoy the natural beauty of the place without any external influences.

So, pack your bags, set your spirit free, and let Kodaikanal enchant you with its timeless beauty. Happy travelling!

Temperature and Climate

When you think of Kodaikanal, you might imagine a cool breeze, misty mornings, and a gentle sun. But what's the weather really like? Let's delve into the climate of this mesmerising hill station.

Kodaikanal Temperature

One of the many reasons travellers flock to Kodaikanal is its pleasant climate. Here's a brief overview:

  • Summer (March to June): Temperatures range from 20°C to 34°C. It's the best time to visit Kodaikanal if you're looking to escape the scorching heat of the plains.
  • Monsoon (July to September): The rain brings out the lush greenery of the region, with temperatures between 17°C and 20°C. While it's beautiful, make sure to pack an umbrella!
  • Winter (October to February): The chill sets in, with temperatures dropping to as low as 8°C. It's the perfect time for those who love the cold and want to experience Kodaikanal in its misty glory.

Miscellaneous Information

There's so much more to Kodaikanal than just its scenic beauty. Let's uncover some lesser-known facts and details that might pique your interest.

Kodaikanal Tamil Nadu: A Cultural Perspective

Kodaikanal, nestled in the state of Tamil Nadu, is a melting pot of cultures. The local Tamil culture, infused with influences from the various visitors over the years, creates a unique blend. From the local cuisine to the festivals, there's a rich tapestry of traditions waiting to be explored.

Kodaikanal Suicide Point: Myths and Reality

Contrary to its grim name, the Kodaikanal Suicide Point offers some of the most breathtaking views of the plains and valleys below. The name is tied to legends and myths, but today, it's a spot where tourists come to take in the panoramic vistas, not to dwell on its past.

Hotels and Resorts Near Kodai Lake: Staying Close to the Action

Kodai Lake is the heart of Kodaikanal, and staying nearby is a treat. Here are some options:

  • Club Mahindra Kodaikanal Resort: Luxury meets nature.
  • Country Club Kodaikanal: A blend of tradition and comfort.
  • Resorts in Kodaikanal for Family: Perfect for making memories with your loved ones.
  • Best Resorts in Kodaikanal: Dive into the lap of luxury.


As we wrap up our journey through Kodaikanal, it's hard not to be enchanted by its allure. From the mist-covered meadows to the vibrant local culture, there's a magic in the air here. Whether you're an adventurer at heart, a culture enthusiast, or someone looking for a serene getaway, Kodaikanal has something for everyone. So, why wait? Pack your bags, and let the magic of this hill station sweep you off your feet. Happy travels!

FAQs about Kodaikanal

1. What makes Kodaikanal tourist places so special?

Kodaikanal, often referred to as the "Princess of Hill Stations", boasts a unique blend of nature, culture, and history. Its lush green valleys, serene lakes, and rich traditions make it a must-visit destination in Tamil Nadu.

2. How do I get from Bangalore to Kodaikanal?

There are multiple ways to reach Kodaikanal from Bangalore, including by road, train, and air. The most scenic and popular route is by road, offering breathtaking views of the Western Ghats.

3. Are there any mysteries associated with Guna Cave Kodaikanal?

Yes, Guna Cave, also known as Devil's Kitchen, is surrounded by myths and legends. It's a popular spot for both its natural beauty and intriguing stories.

4. What are some best resorts in Kodaikanal for families?

Kodaikanal offers a plethora of resorts catering to families. Some top recommendations include Club Mahindra Kodaikanal Resort, Hill Country Resort Kodaikanal, and resorts near Kodai Lake.

5. Can I visit Kodaikanal places in a day?

While Kodaikanal has a lot to offer, if you're short on time, there are places to visit in Kodaikanal in 1 day. However, to truly soak in its beauty, a longer stay is recommended.

6. What's the significance of Bryant Park Kodaikanal?

Bryant Park is a botanical wonder in Kodaikanal, known for its rich flora and annual horticultural shows. It's a favourite among nature lovers and photographers.

7. How's the Kodaikanal temperature throughout the year?

Kodaikanal enjoys a pleasant climate year-round. However, the best time to visit Kodaikanal is during the months of April to June and September to October.

8. Are there any cautionary tales about Magic Mushshrooms in Kodaikanal?

Yes, while Kodaikanal is known for its magic mushrooms, tourists are advised to exercise caution. Consumption is illegal and can have unpredictable effects.

9. What are some iconic kodaikanal sightseeing spots?

Some must-visit spots include Coaker's Walk, Pine Forest Kodaikanal, Guna Caves, and Dolphin Nose Kodaikanal.

10. Is Kodaikanal Lake worth a visit?

Absolutely! Kodaikanal Lake is the town's iconic heart, perfect for boating or a leisurely stroll. Nearby hotels and resorts offer stunning views of this natural beauty.

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Trip plan idea!

Day 1: Dive into the Heart of Kodaikanal

  • Morning:
    • Start your day with a serene boat ride at the Kodai Lake. The calm waters and the misty air will set the tone for your trip.
    • Head over to Bryant Park and immerse yourself in the lush greenery. Don't forget to take some photos amidst the vibrant flowers!
  • Afternoon:
    • After a delightful lunch at a local eatery, make your way to Pine Forest Kodaikanal. The towering pines and the cool shade are perfect for a mid-day stroll.
    • Explore the mysteries of Guna Cave. Known also as the Devil's Kitchen, it's a must-visit for the adventurous souls.
  • Evening:
    • As the sun sets, take a leisurely walk along Coaker's Walk. The panoramic views of the valley are breathtakingly beautiful.
    • Return to one of the best resorts in Kodaikanal for a restful night. Consider checking into the Club Mahindra Kodaikanal Resort for a luxurious stay.

Day 2: Adventure and Exploration

  • Morning:
    • After a hearty breakfast, set out for Dolphin Nose Kodaikanal. The viewpoint offers a unique rock formation and mesmerising views.
    • Journey to Pillar Rocks, another iconic viewpoint. The giant rock pillars stand majestically, offering a perfect backdrop for your travel photos.
  • Afternoon:
    • Head to Mannavanur Lake for a peaceful time. The calm waters and surrounding greenery make it a perfect picnic spot.
    • Dive deeper into the culture at Kodaikanal Tamil Nadu. Explore local markets and indulge in some shopping. Don't forget to pick up handmade chocolates and crafts!
  • Evening:
    • Experience the magic of Magic Mushshrooms in Kodaikanal. However, exercise caution and ensure you're well-informed about local regulations.
    • Dine at a local restaurant and taste the flavours of Kodaikanal.

Day 3: Leisure and Farewell

  • Morning:
    • Visit the Kodaikanal Pine Forest for a refreshing morning walk. The scent of pine in the air is invigorating.
    • Explore Berijam Lake. The serene environment is perfect for some quiet reflection.
  • Afternoon:
    • Discover the tales behind Kodaikanal Suicide Point. While the name might sound grim, the views are spectacular.
    • Take a trip to Hill Country Kodaikanal and explore the beautiful landscapes.
  • Evening:
    • Conclude your trip with a visit to Kodaikanal tourist spots that you might have missed.
    • As you prepare to leave, reflect on the beauty and allure of Kodaikanal, promising yourself another visit to this enchanting hill station.
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