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Kovai Kondattam

By Alan J Bright
April 02, 2023

Kovai Kondattam is an annual event that takes place in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India. It is a celebration of the city's rich culture, traditions, and history. The event lasts for several days and features a range of activities, from traditional dance performances to modern music concerts, from food festivals to sporting events. Kovai Kondattam is a must-visit for anyone interested in experiencing the unique blend of tradition and modernity that characterizes Coimbatore.

History of Kovai Kondattam

Kovai Kondattam has a rich history that goes back several decades. It started as a small cultural event organized by a group of local artists in the 1970s. Over the years, it has grown in size and popularity and now attracts visitors from all over India and beyond. Today, Kovai Kondattam is one of the biggest cultural events in South India.

Activities and Events

Kovai Kondattam features a wide range of activities and events that cater to people of all ages and interests. Here are some of the main attractions:

Traditional Dance Performances

Kovai Kondattam is known for its traditional dance performances. The event features some of the best dance troupes from across Tamil Nadu and beyond. Visitors can enjoy a range of dances, including Bharatanatyam, Kuchipudi, Kathak, and Mohiniyattam.

Music Concerts

In addition to traditional dance performances, Kovai Kondattam also features modern music concerts. The event attracts some of the biggest names in the Indian music industry, including playback singers, pop stars, and rock bands. Visitors can enjoy a variety of music genres, from classical to contemporary.

Food Festivals

Food is an integral part of Tamil culture, and Kovai Kondattam showcases some of the best cuisine from across the region. The event features a range of food festivals, where visitors can sample traditional dishes such as dosa, idli, vada, and sambar.

Sporting Events

Kovai Kondattam is not just about culture and food. It also features a range of sporting events, including cricket, football, and volleyball tournaments. Visitors can watch local teams compete against each other and soak up the festive atmosphere.

Getting There

Coimbatore is well-connected by air, road, and rail. The city has its own airport, which is served by several domestic and international airlines. Coimbatore also has a major railway station, which is connected to several cities across India. Visitors can also reach Coimbatore by road, as the city is well-connected to other major cities in Tamil Nadu and beyond.


Coimbatore has a range of accommodation options to suit all budgets and preferences. Visitors can choose from luxury hotels, budget hotels, guesthouses, and homestays. It is advisable to book accommodation in advance, especially during the peak season, as hotels tend to fill up quickly.


Kovai Kondattam is a celebration of everything that makes Coimbatore unique. It is a vibrant, colorful, and energetic event that showcases the city's rich cultural heritage. Whether you are interested in traditional dance, modern music, or delicious food, there is something for everyone at Kovai Kondattam.


1. When does Kovai Kondattam take place?

Kovai Kondattam takes place in the month of September every year.

2. Are tickets required for Kovai Kondattam?

Yes, tickets are required to attend the various events and activities at Kovai Kondattam. The prices vary depending on the event and can be purchased online or at the venue.

3. What are some must-try dishes at Kovai Kondattam's food festivals?

Some must-try dishes at Kovai Kondattam's food festivals include the traditional Tamil breakfast dishes like idli, dosa, and vada, as well as savory snacks like murukku and sevai.

4. Is Kovai Kondattam suitable for families with young children?

Yes, Kovai Kondattam is a family-friendly event with activities suitable for people of all ages. There are also dedicated areas for children with games, rides, and other activities.

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